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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mbellished Shirt

When I was in Utah last month, my mom and I made a few stops at the DI (Deseret Industries/Thrift Store) I found so many great things, including these 2 *Brand New!!*, 'Shade' brand, t-shirts. With all the great tutorials I've seen out there, I knew I could use the 1 shirt to dress up the other. However, I could never decide, so I came up with my own version. I got this idea from a skirt I have that has a similar pattern. And I didn't have to cut any flowers out or sew anything on by hand. My kind of stuff. :)

First, I took the "extra" shirt and started cutting one long strip of fabric from the bottom, and just continuing on up the shirt. That way, I didn't have to sew any pieces together. Super smart, I thought!

Then I just pinned the long strip on the front of the other shirt in a pattern I liked. I have been a slacker in the past at pinning things on, only to have my project end up a disaster and in the trash, so I made sure this time that I used a lot of pins. It only took an extra few minutes and I'm so glad I did!

Close up....well kind of.

Then, I just sewed down the middle of the strip. There were a lot of stops, pivoting the fabric and pulling out pins, but really, it didn't take me too long and I'm so happy with the way it turned out. I especially love that the sides of the fabric curl up and cover the stitching! This is a perfect project if you are concerned with your sewing abilities, because no one will see them!!

I'm now going to be on the hunt for t-shirts, so I can make some more of these. Contrasting colors would be super cute too! You could even spell out words or other shapes!!

Happy sewing!


  1. adorable!
    and you are a great model!

  2. You are so creative! Wish we all looked that good in a t-shirt! :)

  3. So so cute! You are amazing. I wish I was that talented.

  4. This shirt is FABULOUS! What a brilliant idea!!

  5. You've been featured on Today's Creative Blog.
    email me

  6. That turned out super cute! Now I must make one too.

  7. You are so creative! Thank you for sharing! :)

  8. That is absolutely one of the coolest things I've ever seen! I came to your blog through Today's Creative Blog, just so ya' know, and I'm just so impressed! I can't wait to take the time to dig deep and look through all your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing your talents and personality with the world. :) I'd love for you to stop by my blog sometime if ya' have a sec, and leave a comment: www.blessyourheartyall.blogspot.com
    Again, thanks so much for just being you! :)
    Your Latest Admirer,
    (aka MomtheBomb13 on Twitter)

  9. Hello lovely follower, am just visiting and inviting you to follow my other blog @ http://louandjane.blogspot.com/ I'm feeling inspired to sew now after visiting you! jane:)

  10. Oh my goodness, how pretty! I really need to take up sewing! Over from NFF!

  11. Hi there!! I'm your newest follower from the Tuesday blog hop:) Lovely blog!!! You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com
    Wow the shirt is gorgeous

  12. Just stopping by to say thank you for joining my blog hop. Returned the favour and am now following. I love meeting all these new bloggers. Love this. Will definitely have to try it. Always love finding new things to try. Can't wait to get to know you better. www.jamarahcraftycreations.blogspot.com Sarah

  13. Thats so creative..I like it!!!

    I am now following you from Trendy Treehouse Follow me Fridays blog hop..Id love if could follow me back http://beachbabys.blogspot.com/

  14. I adore your shirt. Your thought on pinning hit home with me, I too often skip this step, but I will heed your advice. I am on my way to make a pretty now. I will be sure to let you know how it turns out! Thanks for the inspiration.


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