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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Project 5 - Button Hair Clips

We cut bangs on the little girl and she and I both hate them. She hates them because they don't look like a princess. I hate them because they are always in her eyes, make her look like a rat head, and I can't see her big 'blues'. I needed more hair clips to sweep those bangs out of the way. I love fabric covered buttons. Especially in the hair. Here's how I did it:

1). You can purchase button kits at most craft stores. I got mine at JoAnns. Make sure you get the kit that has the "tools" in it. Then you can purchase just the refills. You can get different sizes, *however, you need to purchase the same size "tool" kit for each size.

2). Pick some fabric. Some instructions say to cut circles of fabric. I just cut some scraps of squares. I also cut little circles of bunting to give it a little padding and for shear fabrics.

3). Layer the fabric, (center the design where you want it on the button) next the bunting (optional) and then the button shell. Push all 3, into the mold.

4). I trim the material a little bit.

5). Tuck the sides of fabric.

6). Place back of button over tucked fabric and press down with (blue) pusher. *Before doing this, I remove the button shank with plyers....optional.*

7). Now you have a covered button.

8). Because the button back is a little concave, I hot glue a piece of stiff felt inside.

9). And last, I clue the cute covered buttons onto alligator hair clips, covered in grosgrain ribbon. And voila! No more messy bangs!

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  1. These are adorable!!! I think you should open a store on your blog. I would buy these in a heartbeat!!!


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