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Friday, March 26, 2010

Project 6 - Covered Button, Double Sided Necklace

(if you can, click on the picture to get a better view of the necklace...these pictures don't show it very well.) After making covered button clips yesterday, I found myself browsing the internet (for faaar toooo long!) for other covered button ideas. There are so many cute ideas out there.
I saw a necklace on etsy and decided I could make something similar but "not the same" on my own.

The double sided necklace is completely my own! :) You'll see, because it is kind of a "ghetto" way of making it.

(I'm sure, somewhere out there, there is another "brilliant" woman who lay awake last night, and came up with this idea too! ;)

I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Here's what I did:
1). Get some material. I used scraps that I inherited from my Grandma B.
The black is tulle, so white flowers can show through.
2). These are just paper scrapbook flowers. I dotted the middle of
each with a black pen.
3). I used a little glue to set the flowers where I wanted them and
covered with the tulle.
4). Use the botton covering "tools" to complete button.
(See previous post)
5). First button is complete...set aside.
6). For the second button I decided to use some lace...again from Grandma.
To back the lace up, I used the golden fabric again.
7). After covering the botton in the gold fabric and lace,
I glued an antique button on the front. To get it to lay flat,
I removed the shank from the button and then just hot glued it on.
8). Now I have 2 buttons. I filled the concave back side in
with a few pieces of stiff felt...with hot glue.
9). I then used a hook screw (find them at a hardware store...for picture hanging)
and glued it in. Make sure to turn in the correct way so it hangs correctly on the necklace.
Hot glue the middle of one button and glue it to the other side.
Voila! You have a cute, interchangable necklace.

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