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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project 10 - Key Chain Clip

I've heard these called "key fobs"....I don't even know what fob
means. ? But I decided I wanted a cuter one. I made one last year
and it wasn't very cute. But I have been using it anyway.
This one turned out MUCh better.
(before I give "my" instructions, please note: I like crafting
the quick and easiest ways possible to me. The way I do
things probably aren't "the "best" way...but just "my" way.
Just so you know.....
1) I cut a piece of muslim to about the size I wanted the key chain.
I then cut the background piece of fabric the same length, but two and half times it's width.
I also cut 2 pieces of stitch witchery the same size as the muslim.
2) I layered the stitch witchery, then the muslim in the center of the fabric piece. I ironed that into place. Then I put the other piece of stitch witchery on top of the muslim and folded one side over and ironed. **Warning: only iron to the edge of the folded fabric...if you iron the stitch witchery, you will have a glue mess on your iron!
3) Fold the other half over and iron.
4) Take the main piece of fabric and cut the same length and about 1/2 the width of the background fabric. Iron the raw edges under.
5) Cut another piece of stitch witchery, the same size as the main piece of fabric and iron to main fabric to the background fabric - 6) This makes it SOOO much easier when sewing it.
7) Sew along the edge of the main fabric on each side.
8) Put a key ring on and then fold in half, right sides facing each other and sew ends together...going over it a few times.
9) Flipping it back around, I moved the seam up to the middle of the key chain, put a few stitches in it to hold it in place, and added a yo-yo flower with a button.
I think it's cute anyway.....and if I can do it, anyone can.


  1. Seriously how do you think of these things?

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  3. Stopping by from the Trendy Treehouse team to welcome you aboard! I am a new follower and will post your button on my own blog with the rest of the team members.

    Cute, cute projects! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

    ~Lanie J.

  4. I love that!!! It is adorable!!!!

    Now following you from Friday Follow!! :o)

    Please visit me at mandysfrugaljourney.blogspot.com

    Have a great weekend!! :o)

  5. I am with them! I love your blog! Some FANtastic ideas. I am your newest follower too from the FMF. Blog Swap? I would love to subscribe by email so I know I am not missing any post. Have a wonderful weekend! www.miamamiah.com


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