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Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 9 - Mod Podge Wooden Letters

My sweet friend gave me this "PRAY" sign.
I was going to put it in the boys' room, but at the
last minute, decided to change it up for my bedroom,
because I probably need the "reminder" the most.

I first picked out the paper and traced the
letters on the back side.

After I traced the letters, I cut them out. I didn't
worry about doing it perfectly, because I knew I was going
to give it a distressed look.
To mod podge I give the back side of the paper a coat,
and then the surface I'm covering a coat. This gives
it a good seal.
After it dried, I took my black inkpad and ran it all along the
edges of each letter and across the off-white surfaces, to
give it a distressed look. I then painted another coat of
mod podge over the whole thing to seal it.
I'm thinking this is going to look pretty cute in my room.
And hopefully it will do it's job in reminding me
to say my prayers!


  1. Following from Trendy Treehouse. Your recipes looks amazing, and this craft is beautiful! I can't wait to explore your site further, and follow along your your crafting/cooking journey!

  2. Wow, your blog is fantastic! I am a new follower from Follow Me Friday. Please come by and follow me back:)


  3. Lovely!! You did a fantastic job...I really like your idea.
    New follower from TrendyTreeHouse Friday Follow.

    Tenny @ My Crafty Life


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