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Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 8 - Bathroom Jars

I'm back. Spring Break is over and the boys are back in school. I am back to having lots of free time, which means more time to craft! Yeah for me.
I decided to "dress up" the glass containers in my bathroom that hold cotton balls and q-tips.

All I did was add some ribbon to a piece fo felt with hot glue.
On the other piece, after tying off string on each button, (to make it look like they were really sewed on), I hot glued those on too.

Then I put some double stick velcro on each end and wrapped them around the jars. Now I can take them off and do something different if I get sick of em'.
Just a little something to "dress up" this plain little bathroom.


  1. These are really cute. I'm a new follower thanks to Trendy Treehouse. Would love for you to add your crafty projects to my next link party - Craftastic Monday:)

  2. I have a ton of jars around here that I keep meaning to find SOMETHING to do with them! Cute idea!

    Have a great weekend!

    Mom. Undecided.


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