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Monday, May 17, 2010

Color my world "happy"

There's lots of COLOR on this post. Cover your eyes or
get some sunglasses if it becomes too bright.
Here's what I've been up to.....

I have always been obsessed with pictures.
I LOVE pictures.
A while ago, I was rummaging through snapshots of friends and family.
It "stung" a little because they are so far away now. I only have 1 friend here. (Thanks for going to lunch today, YOU. :) Yeah, don't feel sorry for me. I KNOW. I need to get out and meet some people. I will.
In the meantime, I decided that it is SO pointless for these lovely faces to sit tucked away in
my various boxes. Especially, because it is these faces that bring me so much joy.

Here's the fun part.
With my love of thrift stores (they have a TON of frames) and spray paint,
I came up with this.
I know, I know. That's a lot of frames. And spray paint.
And COLOR. Maybe it was all the fumes I breathed in, but
I LOVE all the colors. They are so upbeat and fun.
Just what I need right now.

($2.50 frame from WallyWorld. It was black plastic crap,
and took A LOT of coat of spray paint, but I love
how it turned out! I added some ribbon, jewels and a fabric

This frame is my favorite. It was $1.50 at Goodwill and my husband
rolled his eyes at me when I picked it up. (yep, I got him to go with me...probably never to return) It was an ugly off white color. I spray painted it green and then added the blue paint
where the flowers popped. So cute. But that might be because my darling little sister is in it!

And here's how I displayed everything.
It sure adds some sunshine to our drab little rental.

And I guess if I ever get sick of the colors,
I can spray paint them again.

I also did this. This is the sewing machine
stool I inherited from my lovely Grandma B.
It was plain brown wood with an ugly brown leather seat cover,
that actually stuck to your butt if you sat on it too long. :)
This is so much cuter.
Hope this inspires you to
do something colorful and fun in
your neck of the woods!


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  13. I lOVE LOVE color.
    I live for it!
    but also, the stool
    I bought that same fabric and I adore it.

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  15. well my goodness.

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  16. The colors are amazing! Color can make any day brighter! Miss you guys!

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    Good ideas.

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  28. I saw me in one of them :)
    they are really cute i miss you tons meg (my fav aunt) lol


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