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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Project 7 - Lengthening a skirt/dress

First of all, I just have to say...."I hate my legs. I inherited my dad's legs, thank you very much, so needless to say, they aren't very attractive. Because I'm a girl of course. And guy legs on a girl?....again, not very attractive. And mostly, I hate my knees. I actually don't really have knees. Not the cute kind anyway. (you all know what I mean).
So how does this apply to my latest project?
Well, I like skirts. And 'nowadays', it seems harder and harder to find a cute skirt at just the right length. Factor in that I'm 6 feet tall (and 1/2 inch), and there is nothin. Nothin!
So....I've have to get creative.
Here's the latest.....
My mother-in-law spotted this cute dress at Ross ($14.99) when we were out spending the day together. I immediately thought "too short", but she urged me to try it on. Obviously I bought it. But not because it was the right length. It was a cute fit for my body. But definitely needed to cover up "those knees!"
Onto the project.....lengthening a skirt/dress.
I had this material on had. I cut four equal strips of it, and sewed those together, making one long one. I didn't cut it to the same length of the skirt though. I have messed up too many projects with my "calculating" skills, so I decided to play it safe and leave the extra material alone until the end. I zig-zag stitched the one side and finished off the other side, that would be showing. **I took extra care to double fold and iron this into place so that it LOOKED GOOD in the end and not "messy", as past projects have looked in the past.
Next, because I wanted the new fabric to look like it was originally part of the dress, and follow the hemline, I took a white pencil and measure around the fabric about 3/4 inch all the way around. Then I just had to match the new fabric up to the white line. Make sure the fabrics are facing the same way!
And last, just sew around the skirt. Nice and slow. I usually get impatient and start to rush....resulting in something that really does look homemade. When I got to the end and had extra material, I finished sewing it to the skirt, and went back and sewed the beginning and the end of it together. It worked perfectly!
I am excited to wear my "just the right length" skirt to church tomorrow. I'll have the hubby take a picture. Not of my knees of course!!!

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